We are pleased to announce the brilliant results of the #first #BaseCamp by #QubitTech, which took place in Turkey (Antalya).

As you already know, about 70 top leaders of QubitTech (divided into 6 teams) took part in the first BaseCamp.

There was a tense struggle at BaseCamp until the last days, in which the “Bears” team won.
The second and third places were taken by “Whales” and “Lions”.

The BaseCamp program included a multi-level training system, presentations by renowned experts in the field of marketing and sales. Besides, BaseCamp members put their fears aside by walking on coals and glass, as well as rafting down a mountain river.
They were assisted in all of this by Andreas Thyssen, Education Advisor of QubitTech Academy.

The total volume of all teams for the past BaseCamp was more than 1 million USDT on the first-line within the affiliate networks.
Was attracted over 3000 new users.
At the same time, the results of many BaseCamp participants soared several times!

So, despite the completion of BaseCamp in Turkey, the history of BaseCamp is just beginning.

The second BaseCamp in #Mexico for Spanish-speaking leaders awaits us soon. And right after it, at the end of November, the third BaseCamp starts – already for English-speaking leaders.

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